Who doesn't desire smooth and clear skin? But do we really put in the efforts?

It’s time to shed some light on basic cleansing that will help you achieve that radiant skin. Cleansing is an essential part of your skincare regime as it helps in balancing the PH level, removing dirt and avoiding breakouts. It's high time we get the basics right step-by-step , let’s see how and what you should avoid in order to achieve your skin goals.


  1. Get to know your skin type

The most crucial step is to get to know your skin and be friends with it. Our skin changes according to seasons and situations, and it's important to pick your products accordingly.

If you know your skin that’s great but if you don’t, no worries, take a tissue paper test and you’re there!


      2. Choose the products

Depending on your skin type you can pick a cleanser that will best suit your skin, remember to read the ingredients and instructions.

Kronokare’s Super Gentle City Detox Face wash is suitable for all skin types. Enriched with extracts of grapefruit, lavender and peppermint, our face cleanser naturally purifies and nourishes the skin. Boosted with vitamins it leaves the skin soothing, radiant and soft.




     3. Basic Guide on how to use a cleanser

Take a few drops of cleanser and Massage on wet skin. Rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid the eye area and don’t go harsh on your skin. If your skin is super greasy, we recommend following the same steps twice.


      4. Use Lukewarm water to rinse off the cleanser

Hot water can strip off your natural skin nutrients, cause premature aging and make your skin look dull. It’s always best to use Lukewarm water for your skin, it helps in getting rid of the stubborn dirt on your face and keep your skin healthy at the same time.



       5. Do not rub your face

Rubbing causes skin damage, makes your skin sensitive and takes away natural oils from the skin. It's the mistake you don’t want to make, It’s time to get over that old school rinse and rub method. You gotta patt patt!


       6. Onto the next product

Your skin looks clean, fresh and ready for the next step. You can follow by a toner or a thick moisturizer depending on your skin type. Oh, and don't forget the SPF. 

Toxin free face cleaning products will help you achieve healthy blemish-free skin. Invest wisely and give your skin some time. 

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