About Kronokare


“Chronos” is regarded as the God of Time in Greek Mythology.

Kronokare, a vision in cosmetics ahead of time

All our formulations have simply banned any invasive chemical or harsh surfactant. All our products are sulphate free, mineral oil free, silicone free and paraben free.
As an alternative to all those very convenient and cheap chemicals widely used in the cosmetic industry, Kronokare sources some astonishing natural alternatives. We simply replace the usual junk with some truly good stuff. 
Enriched with the best quality of natural active ingredients such as essential oils, botanical extracts and precious seed oils, Kronokare proves to those who were not convinced that we had it all in Nature!


Kronokare delivers results, in a timely manner.

From the simple conclusion that the efficiency of a product depends on the dosage and the quality of its active ingredients, we believe in constantly using the highest dilution possible of the best possible active ingredients. It is simple and it works!
With such dosages our products deliver instant results. Your skin and hair have long lasting results due to our enhanced formula of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids.


No Sulphate, No Mineral Oil, No Silicone, No Paraben

Unfortunately, most of the cosmetic products come loaded with these unnatural and cheap ingredients. Kronokare believes we need to burst this bubble because it comes at a deadly cost.Long-term users of products containing parabens, sulphates, silicones or mineral oil report skin damage and long-term health risks that begin with mild skin and eye irritation.
Kronokare is the testimony to that no compromise should be done on resultsin the pursue of using natural ingredients. Formulated with honest ingredients, Kronokare offers a Nature oriented alternative to the traditional cosmetics.

Natural Botanical Extracts And Precious Oils

We focus on retaining the original qualities extracted from the flora around us and concentrate on bringing out precious oils, nutritive ingredients, pure botanical extracts and real Essential Oils.
Kronokare also believes in high concentration of active ingredients in order to make the products works fast and deliver a result both immediate and long lasting. It’s quite simple, really: because we work with the natural world around us, our products naturally work.


To be ahead of our times is also to understand the challenge we will face tomorrow. As a small contribution, we strive to produce environmentally friendly products. At KronoKare we do our bit for the environment by concentrating on these three simple steps:



1. We Put Our Best Foot Forward!

We minimize our Carbon Footprint by locally sourcing all our raw materials to reduce shipment and environmental hazards caused by import.

2. We Look At The Whole Package!

We pay utmost attention to our packing material so that the entire product is recyclable. All Kronokare cosmetics are packed only in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) or HDPE (high density polyethylene) bottles or tubes that are the easiest materials to recycle after use. Even our labels are printed on recyclable material so that no part of the product you consume will result in waste. We also embrace the LESS IS MORE philosophy when it comes to going green. We don’t use anything we don’t need, and we believe in quality without greed.

3. We Naturally Set New Standard!

All the foaming ingredients in the formula are readily biodegradable and at least 75% of the carbon-based substances are non-persistent in the environment. Within just 28 days, all our ingredients naturally break down to become part of the green world around us.