Let’s face it: the polluted air we are exposed to is not getting any better, and our urban lifestyles are not getting any less toxic. As a result, many city junkies are diagnosed with some combination of dullness, dryness, dehydration, premature ageing, career blahness, and heartbreak.


We at Kronokare have decided to face these realities with the best faces possible (while we continue to fight the good fight against climate change, and other everyday injustices).


Kronokare is an India-based company that adapts traditional Indian and French beauty formulations for a modern life in the city. We source precious ingredients, go the extra mile to find pure botanicals, and spend great energy in ensuring that our products are fuss-free, effective, and affordable. Over the years, we have built a range of specially curated products that work from head-to-toe, and prove that wellness in the city is not a paradox. 


With regular use and a little faith, you’ll be running this town.