In a world where the use of plastic cannot be avoided, it is our endeavour to reduce its usage and improve its recyclability.
With our lockable dispenser solution, hotels can avoid single-use plastic and dramatically reduce their plastic wastage by up to 75%.

Unfortunately, most of the dispensers on the market are refillable.
The refilling of dispensers is a wrong practice that leads to regular mistakes, product alteration and complicated management.
Kronokare has developed an economical solution with a unique system of safe, ecological and user-friendly dispensers.
Our dispensers are easy to recycle, ensure total safety and hygiene and keep your bathrooms always looking their best.

Safety & hygiene

The product cannot be compromised or altered

The safety of your guests is guaranteed! No one will be able to open the dispensers and potentially tamper the Kronokare formula.

The product is safe from bacterial contamination

While opening, refilling and closing a dispenser, you inevitably expose the product to bacterial contamination.
It is not advised to mix products with different expiring dates as it endangers the preservative balance of the formula.

The product is traceable

Mixing products with different batches makes it impossible to trace the batch of a product.
To comply with the regulation, it is mandatory to be able to trace any cosmetic product on the market.

The guests use a genuine product

Our formulas are well-known to be unique and very gentle for the skin and the hair. As they cannot be refilled, lockable dispensers guarantee your guests that you provide products that are genuine.

Simplicity & design

Your processes get simple

No use to clean and dry your dispensers between each refilling, which is both non-hygienic and time-consuming. You simply replace the dispenser and dispose of the empty dispenser via your usual recycling network.
Lockable dispensers also avoid a mix-up of products during the refilling. For example, filling up a shower gel dispenser with some shampoo by mistake.

Your operational costs reduce

As the packaging reduces, so does the cost. Dispensers are more economical than individual toiletries and help you to save costs.
Dispensers save also your operational cost as they fasten the turn-down intervention time of your housekeepers.

Bathrooms & public areas always look their best

The lockable dispensers oblige you to change them regularly. Therefore, the labels always look fresh and the pumps remain in working condition.
It totally dashes the possibility to display any dispensers with torn labels, winkled lamination or faded printing which may send a wrong message to your guests.





Reduce plastic wastage by 75%

Dispensers are the solution to the ban on single-use plastic. They help you to reduce up to 75% of plastic waste.
Based on single occupancy and one shower a day, a dispenser can last up to a month. Only 3 dispensers replace 120 individual toiletries.

Reduce product wastage by 75%

Individual toiletries waste a lot of products. Hotel guests rarely use more than 70% of the toiletries. Furthermore, a part of the product cannot be used as it is stuck on the walls of the bottle or the tube. On average 30% of the product is wasted with individual toiletries.

With a 500 ml dispenser, only 20 ml of the product remain unused. Dispensers reduce product wastage from 30% to a maximum of 4% only. Product wastage reduces by 75%. This is both more economical and more ecological.

Make plastic waste easy to recycle

Our dispensers are made of HPDE which is internationally classified under the category 2. It makes it one of the easiest plastic to recycle. Our labels are also made of HPDE making the recycling of dispensers a single task.
Its large dimensions also make them easy to be collected and convenient to be sent to the recycling network.

Are manufactured with a minimised footprint

Some solutions to ecology are very simple. We reduce our carbon footprint by keeping our own transportation under control.
We work exclusively with local vendors and minimise the transportation of ingredients and packing materials.




Monsoon Bliss

  • 500 ml
  • bottle with safety lock
  • invisible wall holder


  • Shower Gel
  • Shampoo
  • Body Lotion
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Hand Wash

Monsoon Bliss

  • 500 ml
  • bottle with safety lock
  • invisible wall holder


  • Shower Gel
  • Shampoo
  • Body Lotion
  • Hair Conditioner
  • Hand Wash

Locking Wall Holder

  • Invisible
  • Safe
  • Secure
  • Convenient

Invisible Wall Holder


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