Shampoo - Bamboo of Assam - 320 ml 40% OFF

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Soften + Nourish

An aromatic bouquet with green notes that evokes the Assam Bamboo forest in the morning dew. A burst of lemon, bergamot and lemongrass that slowly let the notes of white musk and balsams liven your senses.
Our gentle sulphate free shampoo leaves your hair cleansed and silky. Enriched with beetroot extract, it nourishes the hair and smoothens the scalp.

How to use & What's Next?


Anytime you feel like washing your hair. Thanks to our gentle formulation you can also use daily. 
Before shampooing you can also apply hair oil, wait for 5 minutes and then shampoo.



Squeeze like you mean it, massage a little bit. Now, take a second to say a little prayer, for the day is going to be so very fair. Rinse!


What's next?

Followed by conditioner if your hair needs a special treat or if your hair is very tangled.


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