Hair Mist - Pollu-Stop 100 ml

Rs. 795

Protect against pollution + Smoothen the hair + Soft touch finish


The hair gets directly affected and damaged by pollution and carbon particles. This urban chemical aggression tends to give hair a dull aspect and a loss of shine.

How does it work?

Pollu-Stop® creates a transparent and natural shield against pollution and dramatically decreases the particles encrustations on the hair. Your hair cells immediately get protected with an invisible film of glucose that prevents the pollutants from damaging it.
Enriched with active vitamins and essential nutrients, Pollu-Stop also nourishes, soothes and restructure the hair fibers, leaving the hair shiny, hydrated and with a unique soft touch. Your hair is protected and gains strength.

How to use & What’s next?


Before leaving your house for the city
Before going to a party to protect your skin against smoke


Spray directly over clean and dry hair before being exposed to polluting particles. Can be used before ironing or any other hair/heat styling. 

What’s next?

Nothing. Pollu-Stop is the last step of your beauty routine.

And then?

Let it dry on its own, wait a minute and feel the difference.




Recommended for

  • All hair types.
  • Hair exposed to pollution

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