Travel Kit - Spices of Rajasthan - 5 x 40 gm

Rs. 795 Rs. 995


Richly infused with aromatic influences of Oudh of Golden Dust, Cedar and Amber, rounded with the sweet aroma of spiced chai tea, finished with the heat of warm leather, Let the fragrance take over your senses for a journey in colorful Rajasthan

Shampoo Spices Of Rajasthan : Our gentle sulphate free shampoo leaves your hair cleansed and silky. Enriched with beetroot extract, it nourishes the hair and smoothens the scalp.
Body Lotion Spices Of Rajasthan : Bursting with seed oils and plant extracts, our silky fluid enelops the body in a velvety and subtly fragrances halo. The non-greasy formula is easily absorbed into the skin.
Shower Gel Spices Of Rajasthan : A gentle free washing base with a mild foam. Our shower gel is enriched with glycerine and plant extract to leave skin soft and fresh.
Hair Conditioner Spice Of Rajasthan :Our Hair conditioner is powerful combination of pure seed oils,essential oils and nutritive extracts,that untangles the hair while nourishing it.
Cream Soap Spice Of Rajasthan : Let our deep fragrance of amber you in forgotten ancient times of Rajasthan while the sweet and spicy notes of vanilla and spices pamper your senses.



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