Combo - Bamboo - Shower Gel - 320 ml + Loofah Blue - 40% OFF

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Shower Gel - Bamboo of Assam - 320 ml

Hydrate + Soften



An aromatic bouquet with green notes that evokes the Assam Bamboo forest in the morning dew. A burst of lemon, bergamot and lemongrass that slowly let the notes of white musk and balsams liven your senses.
A gentle sulphate free washing base with a mild foam. Our shower gel is enriched with glycerine and plant extracts to leave skin soft and fresh.

How to use & What's Next?


Every day


Bubble it up, Double it up, Wash for a while, don’t forget to smile, smile, smile.


What's next?
Followed with Body Lotion to nourish the skin and lock the moisture


Recommended for

All skin types

Active Ingredients



 Loofah - Fiercely Foaming - Blue

Wet the loofah with a warm splash of water, then douse with a handful of gel or soap.Working your way down from the neck to feet, give yourself a special massage treat! Then, rinse your body and the loofah... relax and feel your new, soft skin, a-ha!

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