Kronokare - Combo - Hand Sanitizer - Bye-Bye Bacteria - 30 Ml Pack Of 5 - 50% Off

Rs. 238 Rs. 475

Kill 99.99% of bacteria in 20 sec + No Rinse + Non-Greasy Touch



If you need a super-powerful, easy to use, fresh hand sanitizer, you've got hand it to us, we've come up with the best, zestful product that will make 99 percent of the germs squirm and keep your hands bacteria free when you’re on the go.

How to use & What's next?


Before eating

after using public transport

after using the restroom


Give the bottle a gentle squeeze, and rub your hands together. That’s it! Cleanliness on your fingertips, no rinsing necessary.

And then?

You’re ready for a safe day.

What's next?

Nothing. Enjoy your bacteria free hands!


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All skin types


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