Combo - Citrus - Shower Gel + Body Lotion + Shampoo - 320 Ml - 70% OFF

Rs. 490 Rs. 1,635

This Combo Contains

Hydrate + Nourish + Boost the Shine

Shower Gel - Hydrating Time - 320 ml 
Dry skin requires both serious dose moisture and a gentle cleansing in order to nourish and preserve its natural barrier. Our daily citrus shower gel formulated with sulphate free surfactant ensures a gentle cleansing while deeply nourishing the skin with beetroot extracts. The skin is soft, nourished and supple 

Body Lotion - Nourish Now - 320 ml 
Dry skin experiences a loss of elasticity and glow. Our citrus lotion delivers a high concentration of beetroot and grapefruit extract that brings some essential nutrients and fatty acids to your skin. The moisture and elasticity are restored; your skin is truly nourished, in no time!

Shampoo - Hydrate Your Hair! - 320 ml

Regular hair washing often leads to intense dryness and dull texture. 
Our citrus blend daily shampoo gently cleanses the hair while delivering some acai extract and pure essential oils that moisturize the hair cells deeply. 

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