Combo - Buy Hydrating Time Shower Gel and Get Natural Loofah Free

Rs. 1,200.00

This Combo Contains -

Hydrating Time Shower Gel -

Dry skin requires both serious dose moisture and a gentle cleansing in order to nourish and preserve its natural barrier. 
Our daily citrus shower gel formulated with sulphate free surfactant ensures a gentle cleansing while deeply nourishing the skin with beetroot extracts. The skin is soft, nourished and supple. Wasn’t it high time?

Natural Loofah -

Experience Nature at its fullest with our natural exfoliating sponge from the Loofah plant. The sponge effectively removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood circulation, making the skin soft and smooth and giving it a fresh glow. Use it with Kronokare's Shower Gel or Soaps for a Fresh & Fabulous bathing experience.