Because Kronokare is you!

Kronokare is a fun loving, friendly, trusting and inspiring brand. We could not think of anybody better than you to represent our brand.
We are looking for the best Ambassadors to join our KronoAddict Program – because we feel you will be the perfect fit for it! 

How can I apply?

Simply fill up the form below and we will get back to you ASAP

What are the conditions? 

You just need to love us and to have purchased at least one product on since January 2018 
Unfortunately, we can consider your application only if you have purchased on and not on any other market places or retailers.


What would I have to do as a Brand Ambassador?

Not much!  Simply be you!

Be the amazing person you are and share it with us.

Send us at times a pic of you with your favorite Kronokare goodie of the moment. 


How do we pamper our Brand Ambassadors?

Ho goodie goodie! Be ready for a lot of goodies! 
Our Brand Ambassadors receive a one year supply of Kronokare hair and skin care.
Some say decadent! We say Love!


So are you ready to join the family?

If yes, click here and fill up the application form