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      KronoKare offers a comprehensive range of toiletries that are totally

      Our products are a fine amalgamation of locally sourced ingredients combined with the best of French techniques.
      KronoKare products contain the highest qualities of natural ingredients. Strictly against the use of harmful chemicals and things found unnatural to pronounce. KronoKare focuses on retaining the original qualities extracted from the flora around.
      Specifically concentrating on bringing out real scents and the real benefits of them on the body and mind, without ever testing products on animals, and striving hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible.


      • KronoKlay

       Sun dried, untreated and Extracted in a pollution free quarry in France, our clays are the purest the world has to offer. French clays work in two ways, simultaneously. thanks to their mineral composition, these clays have enormous absorbtion powers. they literally “drink” toxic substances, and impurities from the skin and hair. Second, during application, they organically release hoards of stimulating mineral salts that deeply regenerate the skin and hair. a true miracle from mother nature!

      Available Products

      • Shampoo
      • Shower Gel
      • Body Butter
      • Hair Conditioner
      • Cream Soaps

      • KronoAroma 

      Kronokare has stepped up the game and reinvented its famous aromatherapy range. As our bottle takes a sleeker shape, our products get edgier formulations. Elaborated with precious and rare botanical extracts, KronAroma delivers the best nature has to offer. Always ahead of time, our products do not contain any harsh chemicals such as sulphate or dangerous conservatives such as paraben or synthetic active ingredients such as silicone or mineral oil.

      Available Fragrances

      • Caribbean Ginger
      • Mediterranean Citrus
      • Provencal Lavender


      • Monsoon Bliss

      • Lets Face It!

      Let’s Face It is a straightforward thinking face care range offering a collection of essential products that are totally sulphate, mineral oil, silicone, paraben free. Enriched with botanical extracts, vitamins, and nutritive oils, our face care collection brings some true nutrients to your skin and leaves it smooth, moisturized and glowing. All our face cares are non-comedogenic and totally non-irritant and suit all skin types and conditions. So whatever is your concern, Let’s Face It with Kronokare and experience a new gentle approach to your daily routine and enjoy the benefits of nature at it’s best!

      Available Products

      • Face Wash                   
      • Face Toner
      • Face Scrub
      • Moisturising Face Cream
      • Sunscreen
      • Lipbalm


      • Voyage En Indes (Limited Edition)

         A collection tribute to India and its fascinating and surprising fragrances. An olfactory discovery of the exotic and thrilling landscapes of India which offers a never-ending journey through its wildest landscape. Thanks to its totally sulphate, mineral oil, paraben, and silicone free formulations Voyages En Indes makes your olfactory experience smooth, silky and gentle. Experience the fragrances to their fullest while ensuring the highest standards in terms of softness and efficiency. Designed for the largest audience, the range is for all skin / hair types, ensuring a high-quality hydration and nutrients designed with no particular concerns.

        Available Fragrances

        • Bamboo Of Assam
        • Spices Of Rajasthan


        • KronoSpa

        Indulge nature benefits at its best with KronoSpa, a range of 100% natural products to take care of body and hair. A natural alternative to chemical treatments that shows that nature has it all. Made with the purest oils, Kronospa Body Oils and Hair Oils bring an immediate comfort to the skin and the hair. Secret blends of us that bring a high concentration of fatty acids, omegas, proteins and vitamins truly nourishing the hair and the skin.   Go on, rub it in and achieve amazing results in the most natural way!

        Available Products

        • Hair Oils
        • Body Oils
        • Bath Salt

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