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      With our range of tried and tested products, and our penchant for fun, we look forward to making you happier, brighter, and better – everyday. 

      Our clients are: The Lalit Group of Hotels, Andaz by Hyatt, Clarks Hotels, Grand Dragon Hotels


      Room Toiletries


      • Monsoon Bliss: This is a range your hotel guests cannot do without; basic but brilliant, these products make their lives super easy during their stay so they can enjoy the destination.
      Product available: Shower Gel, Shampoo, Body Lotion, Hair Conditioner, Soa
      Size: 30 ml / 30 gm
      • Mediterranean Citrus: Our most well-known range, acclaimed over the years, ensures hydration and nourishment for the hair and skin.
      Product available: Shower Gel, Shampoo, Body Lotion, Hair Conditioner, Soap
      Size: 30 ml / 30 gm
      • Kronoklay: This range became a bestseller almost before we could perfect its formulation. Made with a rare French clay, it always makes the guests feel a little bit extra pampered during their stay.
      Product available: Shower Gel, Shampoo, Body Butter, Hair Conditioner, Soap
      Size: 40 ml / 40 gm


      Additional Room Amenities


      For suite guests, welcome additional gifts, service recoveries or turn down gifts:

      • Sunscreen
      • Lip Balm
      • Pillow Mist
      • Hair Oil
      • Face Wash
      • Face Scrub
      • Toner
      • Face Cream
      • Bath salt
      • Hand Sanitizer

      Size: 4 gm (lip balm) up to 30gm/30 ml


      Ambient Perfume and Diffuser


      The mark of a luxurious room is a fresh fragrance; our perfume and diffuser kit instantly lifts any room and makes it one your guests will want to stay in (way past checkout time). 




      May your hotel be equipped with dispensers. Every Kronokare product can be packed in an eco recharge jerry can of 5 liters.

      Please contact us to know more