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Indian and French blends and knowledge are well known to be the best in terms of hair & skin care and are an integral part of both the cultures. They are both world renowned and so far unparalleled in terms of quality and ingredients.
Kronokare was founded in 2008 by a French man who fell in love with India: Cyril Feuillebois. His vision remains to create an unmatched natural, effective, and
fuss free line of products which is the amalgamation of best from both India and France.
While proudly made in India, Kronokare products are formulated with precious exquisite native flora, extracted pure essential oils, rare botanical extracts, and precious seed oils sourced from France and India. Adding to the authenticity of ingredients, is the promise of supreme French quality and unique concoction recipes, producing the best blend of Indian vibe and French proficiency possible.
Kronokare products are created for today's audience who think, ponder, try and then choose the best. Every product is designed for an easy usage and for an urban user. KronoKare's formula delivers fast and efficient results and are designed to be combined together, offering a unique skin care routine to its users.
Last, Urban citizens being constantly on the go, Kronokare always packs its goodies in a travel friendly manner.


 kronokare free of sulphate, free of paraben, free of mineral oil, free of silicone
-kronokare vegetarian formula-kronokare is cruelty free-kronokare recycle packaging-

our clients

kronokare supplies major 5 star hotels chains in india and in europe

our services

kronokare can supply your hotel and spa from A to Z