Events & Wedding

We believe that the best way to bring people together is to give to them equally, with love. 

Whether a group has gathered for an event, a wedding, or debauched pre-wedding festivities, we believe that they should share as many common experiences as possible, even within the luxury of their private hotel rooms, or before they arrive for the event.

Over the years, we have created multiple hampers and baskets that capitalize on our talent of customization. We do this by thoughtfully putting together a range of our goods for the event, person, or group of people with whom we are working with. We do not believe in over-cluttering baskets and hampers with dozens of different brands, but rather, we seek to create a unique wellness experience through our single range, that we are happy to customize.

We are specialists in creating:

  • Gifts for Corporate Events
  • Kits for Bachelorettes / Bachelor Party
  • Welcome kits for wedding guests


Bachelor Parties/ Bachelorettes


We fully support your and your friends’ needs to get totally destroyed right before the BIG DAY, but we also don’t wait for this to reflect too much on the way you look. With our customized bachelor party/ bachelorette packages, you can go all out and still have the hottest instagram stories in town.


Guest Welcome Kits


Our packages cover your guests’ basic needs. With effective and simple to use every day bath and skin products, they’ll have zero need to dig into their own toilet bag (unless it’s to pocket some of our products).


Return Gifts


We think a good gift is one that gives a little bit of joy, every day. That’s why we created a range of customized thank-you-hampers filled with friendly sized products that take care of your guests long after the event.