Face & Body Mist - The Chill Pill - Cooling Mist - 100 ml - 50% OFF

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Instantly refresh + Ice feel effect + soften, soothe & nourish


A mist for the face and body that instantly refreshes the skin. The pure peppermint oil cools sun-exposed skin and dramatically encourages fluid circulation in dull or tired skin. A one stop solution to remain fresh and fabulous at any hour.
Thanks to its cooling effect The Chill Pill instantly refreshes the skin and encourages circulation. Peppermint also contains a strong antiseptic property and therefore purifies the skin.


How to use & What’s next?


all day long!
In the morning for your wake up call
after a day in the city to refresh your senses
before a party for boosting your glow
after the party to bring your glow back
post-sun exposure to cool the skin down



Spray all over the face or the body.
On top of face cream, serum, sunscreen or body lotion.
Keep your eyes shut as peppermint can irritate your eyes.


And then?

You will feel cool down

What’s next?

Nothing. But if you’re still boiling, just go to the spa!


Recommended for

All skin types.


Active Ingredients


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